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CIFPC COVID-19 July 2020 Monkey Survey

 In July 2020, the CIFPC COVID-19 Emergency Response Planning Committee organized a survey of the congregation using Monkey Survey to gauge readiness to resume in person church services. The survey was sent out to 75 individuals on the CIFPC active list, and the phone committee contacted those without internet to get their input. There were a total of 45 responses. 

 A summary analysis of the results:

  1. For the graphs with numbers, 0 is not at all comfortable, 5 is totally comfortable.
  2. The phone in result showed people generally were less comfortable , less able to receive online services, and less able to attend services at all. 
  3. For the Willing to attend, I added ‘Flat Curve’ as this was a write-in on the phone survey and seemed like an appropriate category to add. 
  4. Overall, there is high comfort with the change and getting going.  Some are unable to attend under any circustances, and only a couple would wait for the vaccine. 

Bill Van Beek