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Communities in Faith Pastoral Charge

Until June 30, 2016, “CIF” Pastoral Charge was a 4-point charge (four congregations) in the south end of the West Kootenays. It had been made up of Trail United Church, St. Andrew’s United Church (in Rossland), BeaverValley United Church (located in Fruitvale) and Salmo United Church (Salmo).

At the request of the congregations and by action of Kootenay Presbytery, effective June 30, 2016, the congregation of Salmo United Church was disbanded; that a new pastoral charge to be known as Beaver Valley Pastoral Charge was constituted; and that there be a continuation of the Communities in Faith Pastoral Charge consisting of the congregations of St. Andrew’s United Church, Rossland and Trail United Church, Trail.

The administrative office is in the Trail United Church. 
Rev. Michael Hare who was appointed to CIF Pastoral Charge as Interim Minister from October1, 2013, retired June 30, 2016.

CIF Pastoral Charge is now the administrator of
St. Andrew’s United Church (Rossland) and Trail United Church (Trail).


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CIF is structured and governed according to the CIF Pastoral Charge Policy Manual developed in November 2013. Contained in this document are policy statements regarding: 

Communications Policy
Baptism Policy
Wedding Policy
Funeral Policy
Investment Policy
Privacy Policy
Safety and Protection from Abuse Policy
Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policy