Seeking a Minister

Communities in Faith Pastoral Charge

Two days per week the incumbent will provide ministerial support to the pastoral charge.  This entails: leading worship once, sometimes twice, a month; administering sacraments; fostering lay leadership growth in the pastoral charge.  The administrative requirements are limited to those required by ‘The Manual’, essential pastoral charge responsibilities, and participation in Regional duties.  Participation in weddings and funerals will be decided on a case by case basis and may be conducted by others as appropriate.

Three days per week the incumbent, as Community Spiritual Companion (CSC), will create, support, and guide community connections that will help people of any faith or no faith explore life’s meaning and purpose.  This may be done through participation with other faith organizations, membership in social action and community committees, involvement in special events and/or individual companionship.  It requires great “listening” skills.  It includes mentoring lay members to become CSCs in their own spheres of life.

As a companion, guide, and fellow seeker (Community Spiritual Companion), this person works collaboratively in the community to promote spiritual well-being which includes love and justice.  The goal is to empower others to do the work of theological reflection in their own lives, encouraging wisdom in response to questions of meaning, purpose, and hope for the future.  This includes fostering lay leadership growth that links personal spirituality with life in our communities.

We are willing to experiment with new ways of doing ministry!

This report is available here: 2019 April MPSR

St. Andrew’s has a tenant

St. Andrew’s United Church/ Seven Summits Centre for Learning

Seven Summits Centre for Learning (under Visions for Small Schools Society) has signed a letter of intent with the Community in Faith Pastoral Charge (Rossland/Trail United Church) to lease the Red Roofed Church in Rossland for their new learning space. Renovations are underway, and they will be moving in late August and starting classes in September in the new space!

This is an exciting step forward to fulfill the Centre’s mission to ensure Seven Summits is an affordable and diverse learning centre that nurtures local, Canadian and international grade 8-12 students in a supportive, flexible, experiential and academically-focused environment.

CIF Pastoral Charge will still use the main church area for its services on Sundays, making it true community co-operation that works for both organizations!

A Service of Celebration and Farewell

On Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. at Trail United Church we gathered for a Service of Farewell to Michael, its Interim Minister,and to mark the changes within CIF Pastoral Charge involving Beaver Valley United Church, Rossland/Trail United Churches, and Salmo United Church. Here are excerpts of the … Continue reading